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Empowering Women to Participate in Public Administration and Socio-Economic Life 

The Women Empowerment project is aimed at facilitating the implementation of the National Action Plans to implement the recommendations of the Statutory and Treaty Bodies (hereinafter referred to as the "National Action Plans"), focused on concrete results in implementing the recommendations, in particular in such areas as the rule of law, judicial and legal reform, economic and social rights, with emphasis on vulnerable groups. The project is aimed to contribute to the following tasks set out in the Uzbekistan Development Action Strategy for 2017-2021: (1) Increase of social and political activeness of women, strengthening of their role in public administration, (2) Ensuring the employment of women, graduates of professional colleges, broad involvement of them in entrepreneurship, further strengthening the foundations of the family.

The UNDP of Uzbekistan has invited me to lead the project on the preparation of Policy paper on the female political empowerment, which will be presented during the project events. This policy advice is in line with the overall UNDP support to Government of Uzbekistan on localization of SDGs, public administration and public sector reform, women empowerment and funded by UK Embassy in Tashkent.

I was responsible for the following tasks below:

  • To conduct review of related empirical and theoretical literature on the flexible working hours and its impact on labor market outcomes;

  • To collected (obtain) survey data that contains information on rich set of variable including workload (measured by flexible working hours);

  • To empirically assess the impact/association between flexible working hours and labor market outcomes for public/private sectors workers and earnings, job satisfaction, work/life balance and motivation;

  • To draw policy implications based on the obtained results and survey of literature

  • To draft a policy paper on the role of flexible working hours.

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